We notice that there are changes in Translink's plans from those outlined at public consultation meetings and displays.  When we looked at them, we became even more convinced that there will be no benefit to Sandy Row from the Hub proposals. We would ask the people of Sandy Row to look at the proposed new road scheme, especially at the junction of Linfield Road, Sandy Row and Hope Street. Do the people of the Linfield Road want this? Do the people of Sandy Row want this? If you don't, then sign the petition and if possible, write a letter. Notice of the planning application appeared under 'Public Notices' in the newspapers - 4th August-. Written representations should be forwarded to the Dfl Strategic Planning Division, Clarence Court, 10-18 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8GB. Not later than 4 weeks from the date the notice appeared in the newspapers.




 On the 30th November 2016, the BOYNE BRIDGE DEFENDERS, historical and cultural organization was officially constituted. It was agreed to form a steering committee of 10 persons to take the new organization to its next stage by arranging a public meeting in the near future. A constitution was agreed along with the objects of the Boyne Bridge
Defenders Organization; they are:

1: To foster deeper understanding and appreciation for the Boyne Bridge and its role in history;
2: To support the preservation of the two original arches of the 1642 Great Bridge, and to retain the bridge at its present
and original position.
3: To oppose any proposal to have the 1642 bridge demolished or relocated.
4: To oppose the removal of the present 1936 Boyne Bridge.
5: To promote the Boyne Bridge as a major tourist and educational attraction for Sandy Row and the City of Belfast.
6: To promote the above objects through meetings, conferences, publications, awards, educational programs, historical activities; consulting services, guided tours and any other related historical activities agreed by the membership.


1: Membership of the Boyne Bridge Defenders is open to all Sandy Row area residents and former residents over 16 years of age.
2: Application for membership from those living outside the Sandy Row area can be agreed to by the membership.

Send name, address, contact number and email to

It would be good to know which days and times would be most suitable for you to attend meetings and events.